We are measured by the success of our clients.

Engagements & Case Studies

Examples of results achieved:

  • Developed and implemented a customer service vision, strategy and architecture for a financial services organization - greater customer satisfaction/ retention, higher profits.

  • Redesigned processes and workflows for service fulfillment for manufacturing and financial organizations - faster throughput, greater customer retention.

  • Assessed and created strategic alignment of information technology for process company’s operations in the USA and Europe - lower costs, faster systems delivery, better service.

  • Developed and implemented scorecard metrics for a pharmaceutical company - accelerated new product delivery, revenue growth, key employee retention.

  • Transformed and aligned the information technology organization with the business strategy for a process companyincreased systems responsiveness, higher profits.

  • Developed and implemented a change management program for a telecommunications carrier, services companies, and manufacturing companies - greater profitability.

  • Developed team driven, empowered workforce for a services company - faster throughput, lower turnover, higher profits.